The pink manifesto devoted to women

Tobia Zambotti 03

Even if the month devoted to women is about to end (at least by the magazines’ pow), the story on the fight against breast cancer is still ongoing. Every day, in every corner of our planet, brave fighters struggle while the research advances thanks to the support of the food industry, as well as cosmetics, television, floriculture, art, and design ones.

From charity dinners to cyclamen plants, from pomegranate to brooches, up to mineral water packaging and lighted up international monuments, the attention and commitment to women’s world remain high. The instruments of those campaigns are countless, but one, in particular, will become an everlasting manifesto.

“Contemplerary”, a concept by Tobia Zambotti, will be built next year in the Icelandic landscape, with a form of an open-air temple. Instead of stone blocks, Zambotti sorted bales of hay coated with a pink film, inspired by the recent Icelandic tradition of wrapping the crop in coats of this shade. 294 elements (204 for the base and 90 for the vertical elements) stand as an ancient and powerful symbol of the awareness of breast cancer.

by Beatrice Vegetti

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