International press office

Through a consolidated network of international press contacts, DesignFever promotes the brands, creating multi-layered and personalized communication plans.

Each storytelling has the aim to capture the main values ​​of the brands, the unique characteristics of their collections, the production chain, and the market strategies.

DesignFever organizes events dedicated to the press and guides its partners in choosing the best tools to reach their target audience: appointments, sponsorships, and other media on which to plan their advertising campaign.

Public relations

A network of contacts in the world of design, useful to create links, and increase one’s business and visibility. DesignFever brings together the most interesting offers from influencers, professionals, organizations, institutions, and publishing groups in the design and architecture sector.

Social Media Management

DesignFever supports brands in their communication on different social media, dealing with the creation of editorial plans, content and advertising campaigns.

B2B communication

Years of work in the world of decor resulted in multiple contacts with architects, interior designers, international studios and companies, which can, in turn, become strategic targets to increase the commercial success of the brands.


DesignFever is a skilled specialist to discuss the growth of a business, in terms of brand identity, product development, internationalization, and strategic collaborations with other international brands and designers.