Summer according to SpaghettiWall

spaghetti cop

Maximalism, bold colors and abstract textures, as well as pastel shades and natural landscapes: SpaghettiWall interprets summer with a selection of wallpapers that express the energy of the warm season, but also the lighter, carefree mood that distinguishes the period dedicated to relaxation. Thus, unspoiled panoramas give breath to the environment and create virtual windows through which we can travel with our imagination, as in Grand Tour by Studio SMIT, Wanderlust by Ana Basoc or Sun and Shadow by SW Lab. The natural element is also the focus of other collections, designed among others by Lorena d’Ilio with her Paradise Lost or Miraggi, the 2024 collection signed by SW Lab that dresses the walls in versions that are now macro, now stylized and creatively reinterpreted. Tones of blue and light blue, in multiple shades, bright or desaturated, then meet handmade abstract textures and vivid color combinations in Ludovica Misciattelli’s Motus collection.

Ideal in any context, residential, contract and naval, SpaghettiWall’s wallpapers can be printed on different substrates – nine – according to the needs of the project and intended use: water-repellent, sound-absorbing, high mechanical resistance up to the use of natural and recyclable materials. The selected graphics are further customizable in the selectable colors, in the composition itself up to the size and scale of the designs: in fact, the made to order realization of SpaghettiWall allows a wide creative and design freedom, and reinterprets wallpaper as a flexible and versatile design element.

On the cover, on the left: Motus 6 graphic, by Ludovica Misciattell. On the right: Eolie graphic, by Studio SMIT.
Pop Sunset graphic, by Ana Basoc
Dancing Together graphic, by Lorena D’Ilio
Flower Thief graphic, by Ana Basoc
Into the wind graphic, by SW Lab
Archinfiore graphic, by SW Lab
Palm Springs graphic, by Ana Basoc
Caesar Forest graphic, by SW Lab
Isole Flegree graphic, by Studio SMIT
Sun and Shadow graphic, by SW Lab
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