Marco Spatti teams up with DesignFever

Marco Spatti_01

He is 33, he’s been working in his studio in Milan for six years and design runs through his veins. We’re talking about Marco Spatti, a young Italian product designer who has collaborated for over ten years with both Italian and international brands, designing furnishings, lights, and many objects that give different interpretations of the daily life.

His approach to design is always related to functionality and usability. His projects are indeed the result of an accurate investigation of the past, the present and the future of design, to always serve innovation, through the tributes to classical icons, up to the search for innovative materials and technologies.

The starting point is severe, acquired from the school of the great Italian masters, like Mario Bellini, with whom the designer collaborated after graduating; the result is charming, contemporary, young, and sometimes playful.

Marco Spatti combines two souls (a traditional one and a revolutionary one) that perfectly fit with the DesignFever personality. That’s why he chose DesignFever to follow the press office and P.R. activities starting by September 2019.

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