Lapitec: a Material Bank Partner Brand


Lapitec sintered stone is now available on Material Bank, the leading online material marketplace in North America and perhaps the world. The platform is used by numerous certified members, including architects, designers and purchasing managers for the estate, retail, hospitality and healthcare industries, giving them free access to classified materials and the companies who make them.

With widespread distribution in the US and Canadian markets and a robust targeted marketing strategy, Lapitec has joined the platform to increase awareness about the brand in North America, including in relation to its focus on sustainability, a common thread in the stated goals of Material Bank and its network.

The three Lapitec collections (Essenza, Arabescata and Musa), with their 17 colours and 7 finishes, will be available on the portal starting today, making it possible for registered users to request samples and touch the brand’s made-in-Italy materials, generally available in maxi slabs starting at 132 x 59” in ½”, ¾” and 1 ¼” thicknesses, with their hands.

Lapitec slabs are composed of a select mixture of natural minerals, which are then ground, sintered and vibro-compacted under vacuum, using a process that has been patented by the company. This technique results in a full-body product, entirely homogeneous throughout in terms of colour and texture, differentiating Lapitec slabs from ceramic materials, which are uneven, aesthetically speaking, along the edges and when cut or perforated. By virtue of their technical qualities – stain, scratch, impact, heat, UV, smog, dust and varnish resistant and even fluid-repellent – Lapitec slabs are extremely versatile, suitable for kitchen or atelier worktops, coverings, floors, pools, and indoor/outdoor wall facings and ventilated façades.

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