Honorable Mention Compasso d’Oro Award for Entre-Deux, the Albed door designed by Alfonso Femia / AF* Design

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The innovative design of the door, which becomes an architectural volume projected into space, prompted the jury to award the prestigious prize.

Entre-Deux, designed by Alfonso Femia / AF*Design for Albed, recevies an Honorable Mention at the XXVIII Compasso d’Oro Award. The collection envisions the doorway as an invitation to unite and connect, rather than separate two environments, which is expressed through the protruding doorframe that leads the way.

With Entre-Deux we aimed to transform the concept of passage between spaces into a more physical threshold that takes shape and defines multiple relationships.  The door separates spaces, while the frame connects them, creating an entre-deux in the transition. It can be adapted in position according to one’s desires and needs, establishing different relationships between the before and the after threshold, especially facilitating uses where space is minimal and the door becomes narrative and functional for living, inhabiting, and working,” explains the architect who conceived its design.

The door thus transcends the boundaries of its traditional two-dimensionality and offers a strong architectural element, a tangible and decorative sign in the where it is installed. Its projecting frame features either a slightly tapered section or one with constant thickness, and a customizable depth. It can be made of aluminum in six possible finishes, glass or wood, and, in the version with integrated lighting, it acquires a communicative and conceptual value.

The formal minimalism of Entre-Deux, which can be adapted to walls between 125 and 100 mm thick, translate into numeorous possible configurations, each available in a wide range of materials and colors for the panel. The maximum size is 300 cm in height and 100 or 120 cm in width, and if the door is made of glass, it can be mounted flush with the frame to directly affect the volumetric balance of the rooms.

This important recognition comes at another key moment in our history, namely our 60th anniversary of activity,” says Andrea Delmonte, CEO of Albed. “Albed was founded in 1964 with the production of office accessories, which then evolved into doors and technical solutions for interior architecture. Our commitment to innovation has never stopped, and we are pleased that the Compasso d’Oro jury has this drive for continuous improvement and research in one of our products. Internally, we do not even define Entre-Deux as a door, but as a ‘portal,’ emphasizing its conceptually creative nature”.


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