Casa Decor 2021 highlights Lapitec in a range of applications


Lapitec sintered stone ideal for interior projects by Alterespacio and Nothing Studio.

The beautiful rooms of Casa Tomás Allende, one of the architectural symbols most dear to the inhabitants of Madrid, this year play host to “Casa Decor”, an international event dedicated to new interior design trends scheduled to run until 27 June 2021.

Lapitec, the company behind the sintered stone of the same name, is featured in the exhibition in two indoor and outdoor spaces entrusted to the creative flair of Spanish design studios Alterespacio, by Ana Robles, and Nothing Studio, by Angelina Sanz and Alvaro Latorre. The elegant and fashionable environments have been conceived with well-being and the environment in mind, and in full compliance with the event slogan: “Casa Decor sostenible” (sustainable Casa Decor). The 2021 edition aims to promote a more conscious, green and circular vision for the design world, on a large scale.

Lapitec, employed by the two Spanish ateliers in kitchen worktops and bar counters, vertical surfaces, flooring and furnishing elements in one of the interior exhibition rooms and a large roof terrace, is an environmentally friendly material, obtained from a mixture of 100% natural minerals, with no toxic additives or petroleum derivatives. The manufacturing process, designed by the company and covered by 25 patents, then makes the material extremely resistant and durable, ideal for any setting.

Images courtesy of Casa Decor

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