Black & White bathrooms with Antrax IT

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From cinema to photography, from art to fashion, and design: Black & White is a timeless stylistic code that over time has evolved into a real aesthetic religion, today spread all over the world. Its performance within living ambiences is constantly renewed, expressed by textures and optical patterns, pure geometries and stark contrasting combinations. Many of the most famous architectural and interior projects play on the balance – harmonious or extreme – of the two opposites, and in different occasions, several world-renowned architects have built their success on this dualism. Antrax IT interprets Black & White, drawing inspiration for contemporary bathrooms with the radiator collections, Tubone, Teso, Pioli and Tif, offering different styles and customizations to the environment.

Designed by Andrea Crosetta, Tubone derives from a tubular steel element and a considerable cross section – 60 mm -, elongated to form an oval ring, available in three different modules, that can either be placed side-by-side or stacked (up to two heating bodies). The radiator, available in over 200 colour variants, can be accessorized with a towel rail, and installed either horizontally or vertically: in the latter configuration it is available in a water or electric version.

Teso, designed by Dante O. Benini and Luca Gonzo, is made of 100% recyclable extruded aluminium, with a width of 25 cm and a height of 150, 170 or 200 cm. The smooth plate is enhanced by the insertion of a thin circular metal arm, on which it is possible to hang towels or arrange bathrobes. The element is offered in chrome finish, tone-on-tone or in contrast with the heating body, in over 200 shades as in the catalogue. Teso can be installed either horizontally or vertically, and, in the latter position, is available in the water and electric version.

Pioli, conceived by Andrea Crosetta, as suggested by its name and especially its profile, evokes with originality the archetype of a rung-ladder. It is composed of two vertical ‘rails’ in carbon steel, extending 207 cm, which represent the guides on which the rectangular-section ‘steps’ are anchored: grouped together in series of three, they skilfully modify the traditional configuration from which the radiator draws inspiration. Proposed in over 200 colours and with two different width sizes, Pioli can be placed on the floor or installed on the wall; only in the vertical version is available running on water or electricity.

Lastly, Tif, in 100% recyclable aluminium, interprets the purity of the plate with its slightly rounded edges. The radiator satisfies the spatial requirements of each project, thanks to 13 dimensional variations, both in the horizontal and vertical version, and 9 special couplings in addition to the standard ones, offering great freedom on site even for renovations. It can be equipped with thermostatic valves and fitted with one or more handles at any desired height, in chrome, tone-on-tone or in contrast finish with the radiator: both are available in over 200 colour options, for maximum customization.

Cover image: Pioli, design by Andrea Crosetta (on the left); Tubone, design by Andrea Crosetta (on the right).
On the left and in the middle: Teso, design by Dante O. Benini e Luca Gonzo
On the right: Tif
On the left: Pioli, design by Andrea Crosetta
In the middle and on the left: Tubone, design by Andrea Crosetta
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