Zanette design beds: please do not disturb!

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High, low, compact or large with various functions, available in a single material or in a combination of fabrics, wood types and metals: the bed is a place where an individual’s personality must be respected and where one’s personal sleeping habits must be satisfied at all times. The Zanette night furniture collections, accompanied by complementary furnishings and created by renowned designers, are conceived on the foundational principles of customization, design and versatility.

Born from our collaboration with designer Giuseppe Bavuso, Morfeo is more than just a bed: it’s an arrangement born from uniting a bed with a load-bearing structure that includes a bedside unit on either side. Functional with accurate, geometric lines and balanced thicknesses combined together, it is finished on the rear so that it can stand anywhere in the room. It also has a compartment at the back that can be used to put objects in. The  bedside units are “extensions” of the bed base and can be fitted with integrated led lights while harmonising with the double, reclining upholstered headboard covered with fabric or leather. Customisable in terms of finishes and accessories, Morfeo is available in four different sizes and also comes in a storage version.

Skin is a collection of beds designed to be very flexible and to leave room for customisation. The geometric, contemporary lines of its structure – available in various finishes – feature an upholstered area on the headboard which is covered with leather or fabric to ensure maximum comfort. The headboard can be extended to include the bedside units and, thanks to the adjustable back panel, the set-down surface can be doubled and the bed configuration changed at any time.  Available in four different sizes, Skin also comes in the storage version.

The distinctive aesthetic feature of the Mercury collection is achieved by combining the matt lacquered structure with upholstered surfaces. These two elements create an aesthetic and functional continuum, framing the base and the headboard with sleek, geometric and diagonal lines. The padding is particularly thick and can be covered with a vast range of fabrics and leathers embellished by tone-on-tone stitching. The Mercury double bed is available in four different sizes and – being raised off the floor – conveys a feeling of exceptional lightness and contemporary beauty.

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