Tubone, Antrax IT radiator at its 20th anniversary

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In 2006, two years after its official presentation, Tubone won the Honorable Mention for the Compasso d’Oro and other important awards in Italy and abroad; today, 20 years after its debut on the market, it is still a symbol of Antrax IT catalogue, utilized in international projects with its different configurations and colors. Tubone represents not only one of the first radiator collections realized by Antrax IT, but it is an object that has introduced great innovations in the world of heating and product design.

It derives from the simple idea of a tube with a circular cross-section, from which towel warmers were traditionally made, conceived much larger with a diameter of 6 cm, according to the concept of its author Andrea Crosetta, and defined with a name perfectly expressing its expansion of scale.

The dimensional variation required a new type of design, so we worked to give that profile an elongated ring shape, with a complex welding process still performed manually today inside our factory, to combine the linear with the curved part of the two ends without ripples,” says Alberico Crosetta, CEO of Antrax IT.

Its simple yet original aesthetics is complemented by wall or floor attachment elements in correspondence of the curvature, replicable up to three elements side by side or two overlapping elements on top of each other in the hydraulic version, installable horizontally or vertically. Available in different size variants and also with electrical power supply, Tubone can be customized in one of the more than 200 colors of Antrax IT catalogue and can be accessorized with towel bars in chrome finish, painted tone-on-tone or in contrast with the radiator.


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