The new Varaschin outdoor collection is designed by Alberto Apostoli

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The outdoor furniture by Varaschin projects itself into a new dimension with the new collection designed by Alberto Apostoli. It is dedicated to wellness, with essential lines and pure volumes.

A complementary system dedicated to the world of spas – outdoor and indoor – but aimed at the individual and the care of one’s self, based on simple and absolute geometries, pure lines, neutral colours and strong references to nature in the aesthetics and concept: this is Wellness Therapy, the new Varaschin collection designed by architect and designer Alberto Apostoli. The range combines advanced technologies and innovative materials with age-old design principles to allow a balance between soul, mind and body.

Composable, modular and customisable in terms of accessories and finishes, Wellness Therapy comprises four elements: the single bed features an upholstered top equipped with a cushion with rounded shapes entirely covered in Wellness fabric. On one side, it has an elliptical-shaped metal ring that emits colour therapy in the dark; on the other, it rests on a soft pebble, the Sasso. The Sasso also functions as a practical side table and is one of the items in the collection. Supporting elements, such as tubular metal feet or a bevelled transparent septum, may be customised. A double bed option is also available that is identical in composition and designed for couples’ comfort.

The ‘Lettino Relax’ chaise lounge, with its curvaceous lines, combines ergonomics, comfort, and elegance. Emphasis on linearity with no headrest cushion, it owes its design to its support, composed of a joint of two elliptical metal elements. It is also compatible with Sasso, the multimedia and multi-sensory furnishing element, technologically advanced yet user-friendly: it mimics a pebble smoothed by water and dispenses aromatherapy, chromotherapy, and sound therapy treatments. It is made complete with a warming surface for herbal teas or drying towels. With its marked natural reference, Sasso is available in different diameters and colours, inspired by the colours of the earth and minerals.

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