The magical blooming of Bruce Munro

Fields of Light 01

His first destination was the Australian desert, the second one, indeed reached a few months ago the small green oasis of Sensorio Paso Robles, in California. “Fields of light” is a traveling exposition by the British artist Bruce Munro that generates a surprising metamorphosis on the site where it is placed. Over 58,000 luminous flowers shine with red, pink, fuchsia, yellow, blue, green, orange and white, as far as the eye can see, causing a shift of surreal sense, resulting in a mesmerizing and stunning work of art.

This hypnotic “blooming” is visible at night, when the ball-shaped buds, illuminated by optic fibers, light up displaying colored sparkles. The landscape is so completely re-designed, becoming a three-dimensional painting made of colorful and magical stains, that everyone can memorize forever, simply closing his eyes.

“Fields of Light” has the strength of northern light, the charm of a starry sky, the prodigy of a miraculous artificial idea that fits into the environment, promoting the culture of sustainability.

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