The Lapitec Chef hidden induction unit

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Thanks to a Lapitec patent, the cooking area, when switched off, is reverted to a safe worktop where any activity can be carried out.

The link between the world of kitchens and Lapitec, the only 100% natural sintered stone, is now well established, confirmed by specific technical qualities and numerous collaborations with exclusive brands.

After years of research and development, the company is proud to present Lapitec Chef, a cooking system completely concealed under the sintered stone worktop and activated by a technological Cooking Mat. The system is patented, with the electrothermal part developed in collaboration with the University of Padua. Lapitec Chef is easy to operate: placing the special silicone Mat on the worktop activates the touch controls for switching on the system, with two or four rings. Instead, without the Mat, the induction unit and the controls are inactive, safe and cannot be turned on unintentionally. The worktop therefore remains completely free, distinguished only by a display and by small engravings that highlight the full body nature of the material (without digital prints on the surface). All this facilitates cleaning, as well as allowing the worktop to be used for other activities, from preparing food and plating up to hosting social occasions. Moreover, Lapitec is non-porous, non-absorbent and resistant to chemicals, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor kitchens.

The Lapitec Chef Cooking Mat, which looks like a normal silicone mat, is in every respect a home appliance, equipped with magnetic sensors and a hidden coil. Compatible with all induction cookware and, above all, dishwasher safe, it can also work in bridge and child lock mode.

Aesthetically refined and technologically advanced, Lapitec Chef is compatible with all the colours and finishes of the Lapitec range, optimising the aesthetic and technical potential of sintered stone.

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