Studio Apostoli for Almar Giardino di Costanza Resort & Spa

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A refined evocation of Sicily’s diverse culture and age-old traditions, the 5* Luxury Resort in Mazara del Vallo bears the signature of Studio Apostoli for the design of the wellness & SPA area.

On the coast of western Sicily, just minutes from the historic town of Mazara del Vallo, Almar Giardino di Costanza Resort & Spa stands as a five-star luxury resort nestled in the lush Sicilian countryside. The surroundings are adorned with olive groves, vineyards, and typical Mediterranean plants. The structure evokes Trinacria through its colours and architectural details, representing the oldest Sicily with influences from various dominant periods, spanning from the classical and Arab ages to the Norman era. The recently inaugurated wellness area follows the design philosophy and evokes ancient Sicily. Designed by Studio Apostoli, Almablu Wellness & SPA becomes the preferred destination for a multi-sensorial journey—a mosaic of cultures, traditions, and treatments harmoniously combined in a tailor-made environment. The three themed areas re-propose elements of the most influential Sicilian dominations: Norman, Arab, and Roman, reflected in finishes, shades, and wellness treatments. The journey begins in the Norman world, inspired by Constance of Hauteville. It consists of a medium-temperature bio-sauna, a Finnish sauna, and the ‘ice room,’ complete with a waterfall and plunge pool, beneficial for circulation and energy improvement. The design evolves, incorporating typically Nordic suggestions, geometric cuts, black wood, and suffused lighting. Continuing into the large hammam of Arab-Roman inspiration, composed of the tepidarium, caldarium, and laconicum, the experience is enhanced by sensory showers with colour therapy and ‘rain’ effects. The warm, enveloping tones, and extensive use of marble, travertine, and decorative mosaics evoke the atmosphere of the thermae, extending to the Tea Room and the relaxation room—the concluding point of the journey. Linking the thematic areas, the rectangular ‘Arabian patio’ serves as an environment for decompression and a symbolic passage between cultures. It accompanies visitors to the Turkish salt bath. Almablu Wellness & SPA includes a large indoor swimming pool with a lane for free swimming. Adjacent to the pool is a fitness area for cardio, Pilates, and yoga activities, as well as a large beauty area for treatments and massages inspired by Classical Chinese Medicine.

“To be able to tell the story of a people, of a territory, and to share with visitors the traditions, ancient customs, and evoke the genius loci (spirit of a place) through the medium of wellness, has been both challenging and rewarding,” comments Alberto Apostoli, founder of the firm. He continues, “Almar Giardino di Costanza and Almablu Wellness & SPA aspire to be a hymn to Sicily, to its cultural richness—a ‘zero’ project, a melting pot of different cultures and traditions. It  represents the coexistence of the West with Traditional Oriental Medicine, a refined stage where wellness, as a legacy of the past, merges with the contemporary approach to well-being.”

Ph credit: Janos Grapow
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