Spring is in the air with SpaghettiWall wallpapers

spaghetti cop

Celebration of nature awakening and, literally, blooming again. SpaghettiWall interprets spring with enchanted atmospheres, explosions of colour, exotic inspirations and floral patterns. The wallpapers are thus dressed in soft, watercolour shades, but also in strong, full colours that evoke energy and rebirth; they offer settings that recall faraway places, degradé compositions, flowers also spread out of scale or outlined by essential graphic signs. The SpaghettiWall proposals, designed by Ana Basoc, Michael Milesi and Antonio Minervini, among others, create romantic, lively, exuberant, colourful settings, ideal for all residential, contract and naval contexts, thanks also to the variety of available supports – nine of them – with sound-absorbing, water-repellent, high mechanical resistance characteristics or composed of natural and recyclable materials for a sustainable choice. The graphics are further customisable in the size and scale of the designs, in the colours and in the composition itself, custom made with respect to the surface, to frame a doorway, the headboard of a bed, a wardrobe, or enrich niches and showers. With its wide customisation possibilities, including the size of the rolls themselves, SpaghettiWall wallpapers therefore become a tailor-made element for each project, in line with the interior requirements and the type of environment.


On the cover, on the left: Venice Yellow, designed by Antonio Minervini. On the right: Glass Flower, designed by Raffaella Gallazzi
In the garden, designed by Antonio Minervini
Bloom, designed by Gian Paolo Venier
Mirror Flower, designed by Raffaella Gallazzi
Flower Renaissance, designed by Raffaella Gallazzi
Okinawa, designed by SW Lab
Motus 3, designed by Ludovica Misciattelli
Envision, designed by SW Lab
Acquaforte, designed by RGB Comunicazione
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