SpaghettiWall in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

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With a new showroom in Milan, in the heart of the design district, and an office in Paris, a consolidated network throughout Italy and growing exports to European markets, SpaghettiWall reaches a new important milestone five years after the brand’s birth in 2019. Dubai and Abu Dhabi sign the two new addresses of expansion for the colorful universe of wallpapers, made to order by the reality based in Udine: in fact, in the two metropolises of the Emirates are located since 2024 the commercial garrisons, while in Dubai is also available an exhibition area for professionals in the Middle East, where the surfaces and the particular supports on which you can order the graphics of the SpaghettiWall catalogue are presented.

“We have been working with these markets from the beginning,” says Federica Borgobello, founder of the brand, who continues: “Supplying hotels in the Arabian Peninsula with custom solutions allowed us to be active in the area already years ago but we are proud to consolidate our presence today and be strategic partners for large buildings and contract and residential developments.”

The opening of the two addresses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has been defined thanks to a project promoted by the Italian Chamber of Commerce, dedicated to the internationalization of businesses in the Gulf region, with Saudi Arabia also involved: it will allow SpaghettiWall to expand its synergistic networks, which are already in place, and collaboration with interior designers and architects, as well as the creation of specific wallpaper lines or capsule collections.

“This is not just about expanding our networks, but rather about bringing to life a multi-stage project with a multiplicity of content,” comments Federica Borgobello, whose passion is to draw on visual cultures and traditions globally to build a graphic dictionary of wallcoverings dedicated to the home, hospitality, retail and office worlds.

On the cover, on the left: Batik graphic, by SW Lab. On the right: Modus graphic, by Marco Spatti.
Bliss graphic, by SW Lab
Glasshouse graphic, by SW Lab
Water Lily graphic, by SW Lab
Archinfiore graphic, by SW Lab
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