Sloping utopia


Turning the usual expression “mountain of waste” into a literal image? Said and done! In Copenhagen, the brilliant vision of BIG has all the appearance of an Alpine massif. Instead of iced water sources, however, there’s the energy from the processing of over 440,000 of garbage. This mountain is called “CoppenHill” or “Amager Bakke” and hides a perfect machine along with the most advanced technologies of a waste-to-energy plant. The walls of the casing are similar to rock while the sloping roof, which remains up to “downstream”, draws a real ski slope. While under the artificial “crust” the temperature necessary for energy conversion processes boils, visitors can instead use sportswear and enjoy a descent on the snow surrounded by the cold Danish climate. But that’s not all: in summer, in fact, you walk in the grass to enjoy the view of the surrounding area.


Beatrice Vegetti


Photo credit of the opening picture: Laurian Ghinitoiu. Photo credit of the picture below: Rasmus Hjortshoj

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