Saturn & Moon, the ‘universal shapes’ of Antrax IT radiators

antrax 2

The two radiators designed by Peter Rankin for Antrax IT are smooth and three-dimensional objects, with a pure shape.

Saturn & Moon are an abstract interpretation of the famous celestial bodies of the solar system for interior design. The spherical shape of the planet and the satellite dictates the structure of the two Antrax IT radiators, designed by Peter Rankin, built from 100% recyclable extruded aluminum with a circular base and three-dimensional profile. Thanks to its soft curvature, the heating metal surface diffuses light effects that accentuate the reference, further enhanced by the matt white, black or special finishes in chrome or brushed gold, which can be selected from over 200 colours in the catalogue.

Moon is a pure shape, emphasised in its essentiality by the totally hidden system connection, while a special wall attachment allows, if necessary, to raise the radiator for inspection; due to its small size (73 cm in diameter), it can be easily placed in any environment.

Saturn feature the same “base” with an additional horizontal handle, located as a ring along the center line, made tone-on-tone with the radiator or in contrast, to store the towels in the bathroom.

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