Preview MDW: Albed presents the Suit door

Albed 2

Albed’s new Suit collection, characterized by the classic casement system to the pivot or pivot opening system, including floor-to-ceiling up to a height of 3,000 mm, can be declined in a plurality of configurations to become a  piece of furniture, fully integrated to the interior design.

The door panel has a metal core and a frame, made of the same material, into which a cladding up to 6 mm thick can be embedded flush and on both sides. Hence the name of the product family, which can then ‘dress up’ in a completely customized way with ceramic, marble, wood or any other material surfaces to meet the project requirements: the hinges, which allow openings up to 180° pull and 90° push, are specially designed to support its considerable weight and they enable the door system to be installed coplanar to the wall on one of the sides.

The front and back of the panel can then be made in the same finish or with different materials, so as to create the best combinations in a residential or hospitality project: Suit offers indeed a direct continuation of a warm and elegant paneling in oak, walnut or other wood essences, or of a large-scale slab surface, as in the case of a bathroom environment.

The technical innovation, which is the result of nearly seventy years of know-how in the processing of aluminum profiles for the construction of doors and partition systems, is thus concealed in a ‘dress’ that can be selected according to one’s needs, which is enriched with frames available in seven different finishes and the with many handles in the Albed catalog, with or without a lock.

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