Nero Assoluto Velluto by Lapitec for kitchens and bathrooms

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With a soft and luxurious effect, the new sintered stone finish is perfect for kitchen worktops and bathroom coverings.

Described as having infinite shades and referred to in scientific literature as a “non-colour”, black is the result of the absence of light. From the ancient lamp black and vine black pigments to the most recent technological and chemical advancements, shades of black have always existed in various forms in nature, and have been a constant throughout the artistic and cultural history of man, in an array of interpretations.

A range of black tones, associated with different material finishes, has always been a focus of Lapitec’s research. The Nero Antracite and Nero Assoluto shades in the Essenza collection are the fruit of this work, and are proposed in various surface textures that render the sintered stone slabs a true dark mirror, with a smooth and opaque appearance or, conversely, an irregular surface.

For 2021 Lapitec is adding Nero Assoluto Velluto to the range of tactile finishes proposed in the shades indicated, created to emphasize the intensity of this “achromatic colour” with a velvet-like effect. Its lightly structured texture is obtained through refined and homogeneous mechanical processing that preserves all the characteristics and performance typical of sintered stone: the surface remains pore-free, and therefore non-absorbent and completely hygienic. The “full-body” slabs, available in different sizes up to 1500 x 3365 mm, are also resistant to UV rays, changes in temperature, heat and cold, scratches, chemicals and acids.

Thanks to its characteristics, its softness to the touch and the intensity of its colour, Nero Assoluto Velluto is particularly suitable for use in kitchen and bathroom environments. In bathrooms, the dark tones used for wall coverings, flooring or furniture tops created in Lapitec, with an effect similar to natural stone, allow you to recreate the enveloping feeling of a spa, with all the benefits that brings in terms of relaxation and well-being. In the kitchen, meanwhile, paired with Lapitec Orion sinks, Nero Assoluto Velluto allows minimalist worktops to be created, where the top and sink meld in perfect continuity, for an essential and contemporary look.

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