Marco Spatti designs Ari for Fabbian Illuminazione


The new Ari lamp by Fabbian Illuminazione is designed by Marco Spatti and Marco Pietro Ricci and rethinks the chandelier according to a minimal and customizable aesthetic.
The designers deprived Ari of the stylistic features of the past, picking simple anodized aluminum tubular parts in different lengths and finishes (white, black or bronze) to allow multiple configurations.
The result is a flexible lighting system, able to adapt to the spaces, the needs and the taste of the users.
Depending on the arrangement, Ari can vary in the number of elements (from two to sixteen) and its shape: the modules can be ordered according to a geometric pattern or with an irregular rhythm.
The PVC cables connect the central rosette with the various components, and they are white or black, becoming aesthetic elements and giving the lamp its characteristic and bold appearance.

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