Lapitec veined tones for bathrooms


Part of the Musa Collection by Lapitec, the three shades with full body veining can be used for coverings, shower trays, bathtubs or bathroom furniture.

Bianco Elettra, Bianco Vittoria and Bianco Giulia are the three tonal variations of the Musa Collection by Lapitec, which enhances the technical properties of sintered stone with fine contrasting veining.

The elegant threading is present throughout the slabs (hence being defined as “full body”) and is combined with the high performance qualities of a material developed and produced in Italy, by the company of the same name, using a production process covered by 25 patents.

Lapitec is in fact a unique material on an international scale, the result of a mixture of 100% natural minerals – free from resins, inks, or other petroleum products – which are baked at high temperatures to create slabs with the same composition throughout. Slabs are also available in large formats of 3365 x 1500 mm, and are identical on the interior and exterior, without the use of polishes or digital printing on the surface. This revolutionary feature allows the sintered stone to be worked with across its full thickness with a consistent appearance and performance, while the surface can be further enhanced using satin and smooth finishes or different material textures. In addition, the absence of pores on the surface makes Lapitec hygienic and non-absorbent, making it ideal for bathroom and outdoor environments as well, such as coverings and shower trays, floors, bathtubs or swimming pools. Lapitec also resists changes in temperature, UV rays, shocks and scratches, as well as extreme temperatures and the acids and chemical products normally used in cleaning processes.

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