Lapitec: the surface for outdoor design

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Durable, hygienic, safe, and eco-friendly. That’s why sintered stone is ideal for dressing outdoor spaces.

One material, endless application. Lapitec, a 100% natural sintered stone, invented and produced in Italy, lends itself to numerous outdoor uses. From floorings to facades, from SPA and pool cladding to tabletops and kitchen surfaces, to yacht decks and marine applications, Lapitec is a valuable ally for carefree outdoor living. Its design versatility is made possible by the high performance that distinguishes this material. Lapitec is resistant to weather conditions, extreme temperatures, thermal fluctuations, UV rays and corrosion, making it ideal for prolonged contact with moisture and water, including saltwater or chlorinated water. With a non-porous surface, it is less absorbent and therefore less prone to the proliferation of mold, fungus and bacteria, as well as easier to clean. It resists scratches, impacts, cuts and foot traffic. Its large slabs, which can reach up to 1540 x 3440 mm, offer great surface continuity, reducing joints and seams. These qualities make it suitable, for example for outdoor kitchens, where relying on durable, hygienic and easily maintainable structures and surfaces is pivotal. Meanwhile, the friction coefficient of its more textured finishes ensures safe and durable flooring, essential for poolside areas.

A Virtuous Material

In addition to its high performance, Lapitec is perfect for outdoor spaces since it respects the environment. Composed of 100% natural minerals and free from resins, digital prints, and other petroleum derivates, it can be fully decomposed at the end of its original ingredients and transformed into new slabs in a completely reversible process. Due to the absence of changes on its physical state, it does not produce gases and does not emit hazardous volatile organics compounds (VOCs). This makes Lapitec an environmentally friendly choice, allowing you to enjoy outdoor spaces in total relaxation and safety.

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