Lapitec in a kitchen project in Korea

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Sintered stone confirmed as the material of choice for kitchens.

The objective of the Namoozen House Kitchen project in Seoul was to create an ethereal look blending with natural materials. The architect Oh Ki Hwan designed a functional space where the pervasive use of white, for the floor and the kitchen block, invokes profound connotations of balance and purity, typical of the Korean decorative tradition.

The minimal environment readily accommodates experiments with materials, such as the wood panelling of the wall system, or the top of the central island and the recess in Lapitec sintered stone.

The slabs used were Absolute White, in the 12mm thickness and the Dune finish, which creates a special play of light and shadow on the top through its irregular surface texture.
The sink is also in Lapitec and is part of the Orion series (with two size choices and the option of customizing the edges and finishes), providing outstanding aesthetic and stylistic coherence.

Lapitec is ideal for kitchen applications given that it is fluid-repellent, anti-stain, hygienic and easy to clean. 100% natural, without chemical additives and, above all, without surface pores, it is a hostile environment for germs, making it perfect for food preparation. The material is also resistant to thermal changes, permitting the installation of cooling systems under the top, to chill bottles for example, or heating systems, to keep meals warm.

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