Kreoo: the new Artik Green marble for bathroom collections

Kreoo_Kora 01

Artik Green brings the nature to life like no other marble does and it gets knotty among its veins, hinting at magic between earth and sky. Progressive shades from light to dark green, marbling of grey and wisteria: they build together a complex, three-dimensional and unique texture that recalls a forest seen from above or the show of the polar lights.From 2023, Kreoo has the exclusivity of this magic material to realize its pieces: sinks or freestandings, room-centered bathtubs and complements. These items are iconic in their design, details and thickness, but they are now ultimately elevated to art products thanks to the material itself, that gives the condensation of painted geographies in its surface.

Kora marks a harmonious encounter between fluid profiles and geometries, between heavy and light, between marble and metal: the freestanding bathtub designed by Enzo Berti is carved from a single block, with an upper profile at variable heights that facilitates the entrance and gives a very stylish result. The purity of the shape is enhanced by this detail while a metal support, with gold bronze, dark bronze or black metal finish, becomes the base and supports the monolith with an extraordinary effect. Kora is available in one size variant and in seven different types of marble.

Designed by Marco Piva, the Tao freestanding washbasin appears as a cylindrical block of marble that is crossed vertically, in the middle, by a thin metallic brass band. Another perpendicular strip, in the same finish, crosses the first one and marks the upper part of the basin, identifying its depth. This decorative “mesh” guarantees the possibility of working with blocks of marble of smaller dimensions, even different ones, and considerably reduces the production discard. Tao is also available in a countertop version and is offered in ten marble finishes.

Shapes and proportions characterize the different declinations of Nabhi, a wide collection of countertop washbasins that includes rectangular, squared, circular and oval solutions in different configurations, up to iconic organic and fluid shapes. The products are defined by the accurate study of the thicknesses, the gentle radius of the corners and the availability of numerous types of marble for customization, as well as dimensional variations. Nabhi is a family of bowls for bathrooms with great flexibility, ideal for installation in residential or contract contexts.

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