Kreoo presents the Aurora collection: onyx, Murano glass and light


Aurora is the new Kreoo collection, designed by Enzo Berti

Aurora, the new Kreoo collection created in collaboration with Venetian designer and architect Enzo Berti, came from the extraordinary merging of marble and Murano glass. As its name suggests, the project evokes the enchantment of rising: a source of light rise unexpectedly, like the sun from the sea, binding together not only two different materials, but antithetical concepts such as transparent and opaque, heaviness and lightness.

Onyx, with its precious shades, is the foundation of this collection, which includes floor and table lights available in four combinations, each with a unique name – Magika, Miro-Meta and Litia; onyx is the base that holds the LED light source, that dematerializes the veins and creates an almost alchemic union with glass, hand-blown according to the ancient artisan tradition of the Venetian lagoon.

Murano glass is therefore presented as a light diffuser: it is available in transparent, fumè or other refined finishes – such as the effect of tiny air bubbles – which further accentuate the workmanship. Its shape is curved and is designed, in the two proposals Magika and Litia, as a soft bubble, slightly oval and perforated on the top, so the light can easily flow in it. In Miro and Meta, on the contrary, it becomes a willowy transparent cylinder, with fluid profiles, a contemporary interpretation of the ancient lanterns.

The glass always has a convex shape; onyx – white, honey or grey – contrasts it with concave shapes that characterize the different bases of Magika, Miro and Meta; here, the natural marble seems to gradually becoming thinner and thinner as its top glows, becoming permeable and bright under the effect of light. Finally, in Litia, the onyx assumes the aspect of a polished pebble, on the top of which the glass sphere is placed, seemingly suspended in a situation of exceptional balance.

We wanted to do something special with Aurora, working with two historical materials of the Veneto’s artisanal and artistic heritage” says Venetian architect Enzo Berti. “Each piece of this collection is unique: unique is the manual processing of shaping the onyx; unique, similarly, is the process of mouth-blowing for the glass bubble creation. Kreoo’s experience in marble manufacturing and the brand’s desire to expand its boundaries, enhancing the value of its territory, has allowed us to complete this extraordinary collection, which is reductive to define as lamps“. Magika, Miro-Meta and Litia are in fact design products, but also objects of art that tell the manufacturing story of the context in which they are born: unrepeatable light sculptures which can adorn different environments such as homes, restaurants and lounges.

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