Kreoo introduces the Ellenico table at Milan Design Week

ellenico cop

Six slender solid marble partitions with an ellipsoidal cross-section create the base of the Ellenico table, designed by Enzo Berti. They can be freely arranged in different orientations: in fact, they rotate around their central axis and generate a sculptural yet dynamic aesthetic, while their shape emphasises the natural nuances of the marble. They are crowned by a small cubic block of marble, a contemporary capital, which anchors them to the central architrave, made of steel and available in various finishes and colours. The oval top, which is shaped along the entire edge to make it looks lighter, is placed on the structure and stands apart from the legs: it seems as if it is floating, giving a light image, with great attention to each detail. Ellenico is available in one size (240×120 cm) and in seven types of marble.

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