It’s the year of the rabbit…by Antrax IT

Rabbit 2

Daily gestures that take place in the bathroom are translated into a multi-function object in the towel warmer Rabbit collection: from the possibility of easily hanging the bathrobe, to the arrangement of towels on the tubulars, and the diffusion of thermal comfort in the room, the family fulfills numerous services, offering three possible versions, identical in size. What differentiates them are the shapes of the horizontal elements, which can be circular in cross-section, with a diameter of 13 mm or 22 mm, or rectangular, 20×15 mm, grouped in regular rhythms and welded to the vertical stands, that long on top of the radiator naturally create two hooks on which it is possible to attach bathrobes.

The compact profile of the towel warmer, made of 100% recyclable carbon steel, fits into any small room, while the low water containment facilitates a fast operation, resulting in consequent energy savings when combined with heat pumps or condensing boiler systems.

Rabbit is intended for vertical installation only, in hydraulic, electric, or mixed power supply; it is offered in three colors – matte white, matte black, or glossy –  easy to match with sanitary fixtures, faucets, and bathroom accessories, provided as well as in any color from Antrax IT catalogue.

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