Ghisa, the radiator by Rodolfo Dordoni, in the ADI Design Index selection

Ghisa 1

Ghisa was born from the reinterpretation of a ‘classic’, an object – the radiator in cast iron – that Rodolfo Dordoni wanted to imagine with a contemporary aesthetic for Antrax IT. In the collection, the most characteristic elementsthat inspired the product are reinterpreted: the column configuration, the traditional trapezoid profile of the heating surfaces and their rhythm, the connection with the upper and lower portion, the accessories and finishes. The design of the new radiator translates these archetypes according to a meticulous attention to every detail: the relationship between full and empty spaces creates a repeated and identical sequence; the polygonal section of the elements, realised in 100% recyclable aluminium, is slender and elegant, further enhanced by the embossed and textured paint, available in a selection of shades; the small vent valve has been conceived exclusively for this collection in polished stainless steel. Towel holder or robe hook are made in the same material.

The radiator can be composed of a minimum of four to a maximum of eight elements, with a length of 100, 150, 180 and 200 cm, connected at the ends by die-cast parts that allow to achieve a uniform and continuous perimeter .

Ghisa is a refined design exercise to which Rodolfo Dordoni wanted to dedicate himself to create continuity between old and new, reinterpreting a consolidated form and then completing it with technical and innovative topics. It is not an ‘iconic’ object, but a calibrated tool, ideal for application in the renovations of historical contexts, which our territory is dotted with” says Alberico Crosetta, CEO of Antrax IT.

Strictly called ‘heater’ by the designer and horizontally or vertically installable, Ghisa hides behind its image a high thermal performance, with a very low water content, allowing to reach full capacity in a short time and considerable savings of resources. A refined product, which due to its unique characteristics was included in the ADI Design Index 2023 selection, with the possibility of competing in the next edition of Compasso d’Oro.

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