From ladder to heating body: Pioli of Antrax IT


The image of a traditional radiator, made up by a succession of square or cylindrical section tubes, is revolutionized with Antrax IT, in the contemporary language of Pioli. With this product, the designer Andrea Crosetta evokes the archetype of the ladder, transformed into a heating body with a linear and clean design: composed of two vertical carbon steel ‘rails’, 100% recyclable, supporting the ‘rungs’ in the same material, grouped in series of 3, with a length of 40 or 50 cm. The two lateral elements extend 207cm, circular and completed – for the version resting on the ground – with chromed metal feet; the ‘rungs’, on the other hand, have a square section and generate a game of harmonious geometric shapes in an alternative dynamic rhythm of solids and voids. Pioli is available in the hydraulic or electric version and can be installed on the wall or on the ground, where it can express itself with even more emphasis. Characterized by high thermal performance and low energy consumption, the radiator can be selected in over 200 color variants from the Antrax IT catalogue.

Cover photo: on the left the Pioli radiator, designed by Andrea Crosetta

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