Floora, the biophilic raised floor

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Floora is a flexible, modular and customisable system of indoor greenery, easily adaptable to any context in which raised flooring is present.


It is now universally recognised that the presence of greenery in enclosed spaces has a positive influence on the psychophysical well-being of the people who live there. From reducing stress levels to improving concentration, but also regulating the quantity of humidity in the air, its cleanliness and climate quality: man’s symbiotic relationship with flora is in the spotlight today and is one of the future scenarios of design.

This is how Floora was born, a broad and visionary project in which gardening, design and home automation converge: a sustainable “revolution” promoted by Nesite’s know-how – specialised in the creation of raised floors – and which allows to design flexible green areas on various levels, in public or private indoor spaces.

The starting point is the raised floor, also pre-existing, with respect to which it is possible to replace some panels with Floora module, composed of trays in which to house personalised green areas and create separating or decorative elements.

The trays are connected to hydroponics systems that guarantee easy plant maintenance, also thanks to a water level indicator and a health monitoring system. The modules are extremely flexible, interchangeable, easy to insert and their composition, available in various heights, can be selected directly on Floora website. Ample space is also given to customisation: in addition to the essences, presented individually in an extensive online catalogue that illustrates their characteristics, or even in a range of mixes already designed by the company, it is possible to choose the colour of the expanded clay or the plant cover, in line with the surrounding environment.

Floora thus promotes a design idea that is to all intents and purposes “green”, sentivive to the wellbeing of people and the environment.


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