Flaps, the collection designed by Victor Vasilev for Antrax IT expands

antrax vv cop

Breaking the linearity of a smooth plate, without changing the logic of production, synthesizes the idea developed by Victor Vasilev for Antrax IT Flaps radiator: “The concept of the project revolved around three main themes: design, function and sustainability. The design emerges from the gesture of interrupting the aluminum profile, folded to define a geometric sequence of elements, inclined at 35°, with a three-dimensional effect; the functionality is related precisely to these elements, since they are designed to accommodate, hang, and heat towels or bathrobes; the sustainability refers on one side to the respect for the company’s supply chain organization and optimization, on the other to the high thermal and energy efficiency of the product.

Presented in 2012 and available in water or electric powered version, the collection dedicated to the bathroom world has now expanded, thanks to a new dimension variant. More compact than the initial two – measuring 35 x 121 cm – it maintains its characteristics, with the traditional sequence of folds positionable at two different heights of the plate, which can only be installed vertically. Flaps modules, in the same or different formats, can be placed side by side to create scenarios and configurations tailored to the project’s requirements, and can be selected in one of more than 200 colors in Antrax IT catalog.


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