Diffuse by Nesite, the patented radiant raised access floor for underfloor heating and cooling


It does not require a cement screed, can be completely inspected and facilitates energy saving: these are the characteristics of the new Diffuse by Nesite.


Uniform distribution of air conditioning and low temperature functioning are some of the advantages that have made underfloor radiance an appreciated solution in residential and collective contexts. In addition to these advantages, there are also those offered by the raised solutions, which as well as allowing a quick installation, thanks to the dry laying, offers superior thermal performance, does not require masonry and cementitious screeds and is completely inspectable.

Nesite’s patented Diffuse system consists of traditional galvanised steel column and stringers supports and a horizontal surface made of insulating polystyrene foam sandwich to which a shaped aluminium sheet is coupled to allow a pipe to adhere perfectly. Here water (hot or cold) flows through the aluminium to heat or cool the room evenly, up to 2.5 m height. Panels made of highly conductive inert materials are then dry installed on the structure and are completed with ceramic tiles, natural stone, carpet, linoleum, wood and new generation materials, without creative limits. Thanks to the choice of its materials and its special composition Diffuse ensures greater thermal inertia than screed systems and allows the environment to be air-conditioned in the shortest possible time, with an efficiency that translates into a reduction in consumption up to 35%.

Diffuse, finally, reduces the quantity of dust emitted into the environment, does not change the quality of the air and does not create convective movements in space, with consequent benefits for people’s comfort.



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