Designer towel warmers: Antrax IT collections

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Details, proportions and aesthetics transform traditional towel warmers into pieces of design with Antrax IT Pioli, V8 & Pieno and Rabbit, company’s 2023 new born collections. Thanks to the square or circular section of the horizontal elements, their size and rhythm, the care dedicated to the vertical stands and valves, the most traditional object of the bathroom world is reinterpreted, stressing its functionality linked to the towels storage and the possibility of hanging the bathrobe or clothing.  

The three product families are available in the hydraulic or electric version, which allow a great flexibility for connecting to existing systems and achieving the correct thermal regulation of the desired comfort.

Rabbit is available in three possible versions, which differ in the profile of the horizontal elements with circular, 13 or 22 mm, or rectangular section. The vertical stands, in 100% recyclable carbon steel, longer in the upper part of the radiator, naturally create two hooks on which it is possible to hang bathrobes. It is proposed in three basic colours – matt white, matt black or glossy – to easily match with bathroom fixtures, taps and accessories, along with all the colour range as from Antrax IT catalogue.

Pioli evokes with originality the archetype of a rung- ‘pioli’ ladder, as its name and above all its profile, conceived by Andrea Crosetta, suggest. It is composed of two vertical carbon steel elements, with an extension of 207 cm, that represent the guides to which the rectangular section “rungs” are welded: grouped in series of three they creatively modify the traditional image of the object from which the radiator draws inspiration. Offered in over 200 colours and in two widths, Pioli can be placed on the ground or be anchored to the wall, in a vertical version only and with water or electric operation.

V8 & Pieno represent a family of towel warmers with opposite and, at the same time, complementary aesthetic properties: both are made up of two vertical tubular profiles to which horizontal elements are anchored, according to a different rhythm. Pieno presents a more compact texture, interrupted by a void in the middle to facilitate the insertion of towels, and disposes of a significant thermal power. V8, instead, with a few horizontal tubes providing a light frame, performs exclusively the task of keeping towels warm. They can be used in pairs or individually, with vertical orientation only, in one of the many colour finishes proposed by Antrax IT, working with water or electrical setting.

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