Colored doors according to Albed

albed colore cop

The color, whether expressed in small details or beyond the doorway to break into the surrounding wall, uniquely customizes Albed’s doors catalogue.

The door, an active part in the definition of interior design, is an element that can be transformed depending on the various environments and project needs, still maintaining its own independent stylistic identity. Albed interprets the potential of using colors with “And,” Boisè, and Ring collections, customizing them with an almost endless combination of colors, patterns, and surface finishes.


With “And,” Albed reinterprets the classic swing door with the frame using colors to customize the jamb and the leaf. The collection has easy lines, the door handle is a delicate graphic sign in the panel, and it is also available in a pantograph version, up to three square sections. “And” can be pushed (90º opening) or pulled (180º opening) with the panel coplanar to the jamb, and it is also available in a sliding version.


As the name suggests, Boisè is the system designed by the architects Bettazzi + Percoco, which incorporates the concept and aesthetic of boiserie by integrating a hinged element with a flush effect into a decorated and flexible panel. Both monochromatic or with optical patterns, this door system creates a spectacular decorative frame on one or both sides, designed to be the protagonist of the environment.


Designed by Karim Rashid, Ring proposes a creative reinterpretation of the traditional handle, which evolves into a new element with a slightly projecting circular profile. This cavity, customizable in deliberately contrasting colors, hides the opening mechanism inside and defines the hybrid and futuristic aesthetic of the collection. Ring is available in swing version with the frame, which can be customized in contrast to the lacquered panel or flush to the wall.

Cover images: And (on the left), Boisè collections (on the right)
Ring, design by Karim Rashid
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