Collages we’re truly in love with


His illustrations are everywhere: from Il Sole 24 Ore to La Repubblica, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Internazionale, Il Corriere della Sera, and countless books, advertising campaigns …


The real, the one in flesh and blood, is instead one of the creatives who live in the DesignFever space in Milan, listens to experimental music and has the lively look of someone who always has an idea going.


Pierluigi Longo is an Italian illustrator who throws the art of collage into a contemporary atmosphere that winks to the icons of the past. A celebration of the old school of illustration that feeds on ambiguous dreamlike elements and symbols of everyday life.


The creative explosion that comes from this mixture of elements is often ironic, rarely cold, never predictable … something from which we, ourselves, have been hypnotized.


You will soon see his artworks also in a famous design/architecture magazine.


We play in advance and propose him on our website, avoiding spending too many words and letting his images speak.

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