Bross in Dubai in the hospitality project signed by Bishop Design

Studio One Hotel

Ava seats have been selected to furnish Studio One Hotel Dubai, a four-star destination with a highly decorative interior, designed to welcome new generations of travelers.


Targeted at a young and dynamic clientele, each floor is equipped with food dispensers and self-service laundries and is based on a very strong system of graphic connectivity: Studio One Hotel Dubai sets a new concept of hospitality, able to mix the benefits of the four-star category with the current trends set by the mood ‘Generator Hostels’. Bright colors, macro scale signs, patterns, vintage objects, references to the world of cinema, tropical vegetation hanging on slender steel structures are the eclectic themes that make up the project, curated by Bishop Design on the basis of the special brief requested by the client.

The interior design of the hotel, located in the Studio City district in the famous Middle Eastern metropolis, was conceived to offer an immersive experience and a film-like narrative. The interior studio worked on sound, light, digital screens and entertainment language to create a unique destination. Above the exit door of the room stands the inscription “Exit”, on the end wall of the corridor you can read “The End” while a light signal with “On Air” lights up outside the door of each of the 141 rooms – divided into five different types – if occupied.

Among neon and signs, textures and bright colors, the structure is equipped with a variety of services of the latest generation: in addition to those already mentioned, small equipped niches near the lift blocks allow each floor to devote itself to smart working activities; in the lobby, a large exposed wooden kitchen allows customers to prepare coffee or hot drinks, while the restaurant and cafeteria are open 24 hours a day.

The idea behind the project was to produce an environment where private and shared spaces were in absolute continuity with each other, in a stimulating whole, full of signs, strong shades, decorative motifs of all kinds that follow and intertwine. In this regard, in the bar area, Bishop Design has selected the Ava collection by Bross, with a shell in petrol green and powder grey and a structure in black lacquered wood: its rhomboidal quilted leather front cover is part of the geometric patterns that characterize the interior design of the hotel; Ava, moreover, offers in the selected version a further decorative game, thanks to the combination of leather and suede, in the same shade, on the back of the shell.

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