Botanical graphics for SpaghettiWall wallpapers


From delicate blossoms to macro-scale flowers, stylized textures or bouquets that look like watercolor paintings to hints of tropical vegetation or Japanese style, SpaghettiWall wallpapers tell the story of nature on the wall. The Botanic collection, one of the nine that make up the company’s catalogue, develops precisely these suggestions with different declinations and offers a selection of graphics that can be customized in terms of color variants and sized according to the surface on which they are to be applied. Alongside them are some subjects from the Delabrè line – reminiscent of frescoed walls almost worn out by the passage of time – and Decor, where floral motifs also acquire pop expressions.

The Northwood substrate, with the tactile effect of natural oak, and Oro Glossy, with its iridescent and precious surface, add a further aesthetic feature to the graphics of SpaghettiWall, while the vinyl with a cleaning finish ensures that it can be installed in an environment such as the kitchen and the fibre-glass even inside a shower cubicle, in direct contact with water.

Designed by Ana Basoc, RGB Comunicazione and the SpaghettiWall graphics team, the botanical wallpapers are supplied in rolls from 60 cm width and customized height, easily to install and to be remove without damaging the wall.

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