Architecture is a game


Like all visual arts, architecture is also characterized by a great playful component. Arches, arcades, towers, walls, roofs and all the other elements of contemporary and non-contemporary architecture are in fact combinable with each other in endless opportunities, absurd and not, which create an artistic tool with a unique strength, able to stimulate the imagination of anyone who approaches it.

Who has never dreamed of their ideal home? Built a sandcastle, or something vaguely comparable to a building using Legos?

In short, architecture is above all an art, but it is also a beautiful game. It is therefore not surprising that over the years game designers from all over the world have taken inspiration by architecture to create incredible games, transforming bricks into blocks (Lego), into pixels (Minecraft – by far the most famous), into pieces or elements of cardboard, for lovers of model making.

Build me by Cinqpoints (French brand of designer games) is a construction game that invites you to challenge your friends to compete for those who build the most creative architectures in the shortest time possible, using a total of 16 tiles.

Raduga Grez is a Russian brand producing handmade wooden toys, some of which inspired by archetypal forms of architecture, to compose small cities or tall buildings with a strong decorative purpose.

Although The Sims was born as a life simulator, over the years it has developed a software for the house creation that is so accurate as to attract the attention of architects and interior designers all over the world, who today challenge each other to create extremely complex apartments and buildings. The competition involves multiple categories: from tiny houses to underwater houses, to houses integrated with the landscape, beach or colonial ones. The customization of furnishings and finishes is incredible – check out YouTube if you don’t believe.

Honorable mention to the Fuorisalone game, developed by and Cranio Creations. It’s not about architecture indeed, but in case some architect didn’t have enough of the April events…

By Ivan Granolla


Above and on the cover: the game designed by Raduga Grez

One of the magical worlds created, pixel by pixel, on Minecraft

Fuorisalone, the board game

Build Me: to win you have to build an architecture in the shortest time possible

Above and below: a Tiny House and a royal house on The Sims

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