Antrax IT, three radiators for three different bathroom styles

Antrax IT_V8 & Pieno 01

The towel warmer is no longer just an element to be placed within a space, but a real multi-functional and customizable product.

Each piece of furniture, especially in the bathroom performs several functions: the mirror is a lighting body, the sink offers a support surface, the radiator holds towels and bathrobes, becoming, in certain cases, a practical shelf.

The room of a home dedicated to well-being requires solutions capable of fulfilling multiple uses, due to the often small-sized space. Conceived and realized with this aim, Antrax IT’s collections add to the functionality a high level of customization, both in terms of finishes – in over 200 color variations for almost all the models – and sizes.

Serie T is the emblem of an approach that combines design, technology and multi functionality: designed by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, made of 100% recyclable aluminum, it owes its name to the famous T-shaped metal extrusion traditionally used in construction, reinterpreted in shape and materials. The profile can be used single or double, providing various configurations that transform the radiator into a horizontal shelf, a bookcase module with wooden shelves, or a piece of furniture that can be fitted with hooks to hang bathrobes. Available in the hydraulic or electric version, can be customized up to the cm, allowing, accordingly any modification.

V8 & Pieno towel radiators are composed of two vertical tubular profiles, with anchored horizontal elements that, repeating at a different rhythm, modify the configuration. Pieno, in fact, has a stronger aesthetic impact than V8, due to the higher number of horizontal components. Both, offered in over 200 color options, made of 100% recyclable aluminum, in small dimension, width of 40 or 50 cm and height 101.6 or 159.2 cm, can be equipped with a special hook to support towels or bathrobes.

Flaps is a plate with high thermal efficiency of only 3 mm, in 100% recyclable aluminum, interrupted and enriched by some folds –  ‘flaps’ – placed diagonally, ideal for holding towels. Designed by Victor Vasilev, it embodies a contemporary shape of essential lines. It can be ordered in the hydraulic or electric version, in two heights and with flaps in both the upper or lower part, as well as, in numerous colors from Antrax IT’s catalogue with hooks for bathrobes.

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