Antrax IT radiators and towel warmers for the bathroom


Ensuring an ideal temperature and keeping towels and bathrobes warm are among the main functions of a radiator for the bathroom. The heated towel rail – widely used in bathroom environments for the comfort that provides – is also enriched by an additional aesthetic value as well as the possibility of customization, in terms of a broad selection of finishes and sizes, in the proposals of Antrax IT catalogue. From the sculptural forms of collections such as Android, to the pure lines of Teso, and the contemporary interpretation of Pioli, V8 & Pieno, the company has built over the years a heterogeneous offer, with great attention and dedication to design, details, sustainable composition of the product and energy saving properties.

Android is a 100% recyclable aluminum profile folded and folded over again to obtain a three-dimensional effect, with a dynamic sequence of angles and lines. Its design reveals the expressive level of the architect who signed it, Daniel Libeskind. To function it requires a reduced water content, with high thermal efficiency and the possibility of being fully operational very quickly. It exhibits a straight or oblique upper and lower profile that reinforces the product concept and can be selected with hydraulic or electric operation, in horizontal or vertical versions, with or without a handle, in one of two hundred colour variants.

Designed by Dante O. Benini & Luca Gonzo, Teso is also made from 100% recyclable extruded aluminum, with a standard width of 25 cm and three variable heights (150, 170, and 200 cm). The smooth plate is characterized by a minimal geometry, enhanced by the insertion of a thin metal arm with a circular section on which it is possible to hang bathrobes or store towels. The handle is proposed in a chrome finish, tone-on-tone with the heating body, or in contrast in numerous nuances. Teso can be installed horizontally or vertically and, in the latter configuration, is available in a hydraulic or electric version.

Pioli, generated by the creativity of Andrea Crosetta, evokes with originality the archetype of the staircase, as its name ‘ladder’s rungs’ suggests. It is made up of two vertical elements in carbon steel which represent the guides to which the rectangular section ‘rungs’ are welded, grouped in a series of three. Customizable in over 200 colours and in two widths, the design radiator can be placed on the floor or installed on the wall, only in the vertical version with water or electric operation.

V8 & Pieno, finally represent a family of heated towel rails with contrasting yet complementary aesthetic properties: both are composed of two vertical tubular profiles to which horizontal elements are anchored, according to a different rhythm. Pieno has a compact texture, interrupted by a void in the middle to facilitate the insertion of towels and significant thermal power. V8, on the other hand, fulfills only the need to keep the towels warm, with a few horizontal tubulars that deliver a light frame. They can be used in pairs or individually, with vertical orientation, and chosen in one of the many colour finishes proposed by Antrax IT, with water or electric operation.

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