Antrax IT: Radiators also in the kitchen

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We have known, admired and appreciated them especially in the bathroom, where they enhance the feeling of well-being by keeping warm towels and bathrobes.The heated towel rails have always been connected with this particular area of ​​the house and their design has evolved over time to meet the needs of this ambience. However they fulfill their function not only in this specific sector: Antrax IT collections are in fact ‘design’ technical tools, conceived to be used in different ways, embellishing any type of environment with their aesthetics.

Horizontal, vertical, modular or freestanding, Antrax IT radiators are made of 100% recyclable steel or aluminium and offer a wide range of choices and flexible uses: from T Tower – the award-winning project by Matteo Thun that can be freely located in space in the electrical version – to Waffle – the iconic reinterpretation by Piero Lissoni of the historic cast-iron radiators – up to Serie T- with its combined shelves that can hold objects -, the design of Antrax IT is tailored to perfectly integrate into the kitchen, emphasizing its style. Above matching any kind of preference of arrangement, the radiators can be customized in over 200 colour variants, available in the catalogue, accomplishing a style sometime based on the concreteness of materiality, other times minimalist or contemporary, satisfying any possible ideal kitchen. A ‘sustainable elegant’ complement that, like an oven, a dishwasher,  induction cooktops and high performance hoods, allows significant energy savings.

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