Antrax IT in Illuminating and Ultimate Gray Pantone

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Pantone presents the new colours of the Year 2021: two independent tones, which in their complementarity convey an idea of ​​an energetic, optimistic and conscious restart. Antrax IT, interpreting the indications of the American company, matches both Illuminating and Ultimate Gray in the combination Byobu and its accessory Momoko, T Tower and Pettine, 100% recyclable aluminium or steel radiators, operating on water or electricity, designed respectively by Marc Sadler, Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez and Andrea Crosetta, proposed in the shades RAL 1016, RAL 1021 and RAL 7042.

Byobu is inspired by the typical Japanese decorative folding screen whose essential, square-shaped form evolves into a single or double heating body panel swivelling around a central pin. Towels and bathrobes in the bathroom, or jackets and coats in the living room, can be hidden behind the mobile structure of the radiator and hung on Momoko, the hook, single or in a group, to be secured to the wall.

T Tower is the first freestanding radiator by Antrax IT, with high thermal performance, energy saving and sustainable features. Its profile has a strong charismatic architectural appeal, avoiding the traditional wall-mounted installation, resulting in a versatile piece of furniture. A satin finish stainless steel round base characterizes the electrical version: in this configuration T Tower can be moved and placed within the space according to different necessities.

Pettine is a design radiator, whose name, from the Italian word for Comb, unequivocally defines its shape, reinterpreted on a macro scale with an essential and rigorous profile. Thanks to the three different dimensions proposed (3, 5 or 7 ‘teeth’), can be arranged to create rich and diversified geometric decorative wall compositions. If utilized in the bathroom, it offers the possibility to hang easily more towels. Available in the catalogue in over 200 colour variants, Byobu, Pettine and T Tower collections express the philosophy of Antrax IT, that always customizes the design of radiators with multiple RAL shades and colours on request, as well as, variations in dimension.

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