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From customizable products to solutions in a wide range of sizes or easily modular, Antrax IT has made flexibility one of the most important values in its collections of designer radiators. Running on electricity or water, in horizontal or vertical version the radiators easily adapt to any context or necessity, often complementing their function with a series of accessories and uses, ideal especially in small ambiences.

This is the case of Serie T, the collection designed by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez which takes its inspiration from the extruded metal profile traditionally used in construction and offers a convenient horizontal or vertical shelf or bookcase module – with integrated elegant wooden shelves. The length of Serie T, made up of 100% recyclable aluminum and available in a hydraulic or electric version in over 200 colors, can be customized to the cm or proposed in 5 standard variants, starting from the module 100.6 x 23 cm x 11.5 (W x H x D) which, like the other models of the family, can be equipped with hooks or cuts, useful for holding the towels.

Tubone, in the smallest configuration, measures 21 x 150 cm, depth 14 cm, and is proposed both as single or two elements stacked or side by side, with a depth of 22 cm, for an even higher thermal power. Its shape has been designed by Andrea Crosetta using tubular steel with an important section – 60 mm -, and can be installed horizontally or vertically: in the latter configuration, it is possible to choose between water or electricity. In over 200 color variations, Tubone can be accessorized with a towel holder handle.

Loft, also conceived by Andrea Crosetta, is a perfect radiator for small environments, with a module of 20 x 150 cm, depth 6.5 cm, which can be placed side by side up to three elements: its surface, in aluminum 100% recyclable and available in over 200 shades, is characterized by a series of little waves that create three-dimensionality and ensure significant energy savings. A towel rail is available for the vertical version. Loft is produced both in hydraulic or electric version.

Finally, Saturn & Moon, by Peter Rankin, feature two identical sphere-shaped radiators, which differ only by the addition of a towel holder handle: their round, sculptural profile with  diameter of 73 cm can be positioned at any height. These radiators in steel, available in over 200 colors, are an ideal choice even for the smallest spaces, in a hydraulic or electric version.

Below: Tubone, Loft, Saturn&Moon, Serie T

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