Antrax IT, almost twenty years of radiators in a new catalog

Antrax IT_Tavola e Tavoletta

Almost twenty years of designer radiators are collected and narrated in a single framework: from the timeless Tubone, to the iconographic Oreste & Emma, to the most recent innovations. In the new Antrax IT catalog are displayed all the products that have made the company an international reference point in the sector of the radiators for architecture.

The volume, result of a long collaboration between the company, the stylist Cristina Romanello and the photographers of Studio Emozione, is a compendium of the achievements from 2005 until today, presented in a completely new vibe. The collections designed by Matteo Thun & Antonio

Rodriguez, Daniel Libeskind, Victor Vasilev and Piero Lissoni and the heating bodies created by Peter Rankin and Andrea Crosetta appear all portrayed according to the same stylistic code. Part of a coherent graphic project, developed around the themes of black and white, the products surpass the temporal logics, with their extreme contemporaneous profile: icons of the 50s and 60s have been included in the setting of the photographic shots, reiterating the timelessness of a good design. Almost suspended in ethereal atmospheres, the radiators are proposed as versatile items that people can adapt to any context: in a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or in a hall, office, hotel, or museum. From this flexibility derive the headlines “Design for People” and “Design for Living and Bathroom”, used by the company to present the products’ families. The concept of “Design for People” brings Antrax IT closer to the final consumer and his needs for personalization, not only in terms of dimensions and finishes, but also in term of project concept through the free placement of the radiators in different situations of the house or in social areas.

Abstract and ideal, the environments leave therefore space for the imagination, without suggesting a style to imitate or a precise intended use. At the same time, the radiators reiterate the “green” orientation of the company, that has always been attentive to implement long-lasting projects to reduce waste of energy and resources.

The new catalog results a manifesto of the philosophy of Alberico Crosetta, CEO of Antrax IT: importance of design, attention to details, customization and search for innovative technologies intertwined with the sustainable values of the radiators, conceived for the architecture, the environment and, above all, the people.


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