Antrax IT, 10 years of Serie T


Made its debut at the Salone del Mobile 2010, in a span of ten years its concept has been perfected and extended to include two important evolutions in its design. We are talking about Serie T, the first radiator developed and conceived by Antrax IT in collaboration with Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, created by transforming the heating body into a multifunctional system, for the first time completely customizable.

The collection takes its name from the notorious extruded metal traditionally used in construction, reinterpreting shapes and materials: in 100% recyclable aluminum, it guarantees multiple flexible configurations, starting from the classic T-profile, proposed in single or double version.

In the first case, Serie T is a shelf that can be installed horizontally in two different ways; in the second, instead, it becomes a bookcase module with an essential and geometric line, to be positioned horizontally or vertically, with optional accessories that can be integrated, such as stainless steel hooks or wooden shelves.

Indifferently from its arrangement, Serie T works as a ‘sartorial’ design heating element: its length is sizeable to the centimeter, available in over 200 variants of color in the catalog, running on water as well as on electricity, and the profile can be interrupted by functional clean cuts for towels support, if intended for the bathroom.

Its success –testified also by recognition as the Honorable Mention at Compasso d’Oro, winner of Good Design Award and Interior Innovation Award –quickly aimed to develop a new range, with TT – born as natural duplication of the initial module – and T Tower, the free-standing radiator which, in electric version, can be freely positioned within a space, emphasizing even more the architectural imprint of the original design.

Sustainable and customizable, with a very low water content that ensures energy saving, Serie T is an ideal technological and aesthetic solution to furnish bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and contemporary contract spaces.

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