All Ways, Albed’s continuous wall system, has received acoustic certifi-cation.

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Albed’s custom collection is designed to become a barrier for acoustic improvement and is ideal for office and residential settings.

The All Ways continuous wall system by Albed divides without separating, creating a continuous visual succession of architectural spaces while maintaining distinct specificities. The large transparent surfaces define the system’s aesthetics, characterized by extreme formal cleanliness. The aluminum support profiles are linear and simplified, positionable horizontally and vertically, and available in various finishes with metallic effects or RAL lacquers for maximum configuration freedom.

The modular system is tailored to available spaces and their designated use, making it ideal for office, hospitality, and residential contexts. All Ways is now equipped with acoustic certification, allowing the creation of separated areas with proper sound isolation. It has a value, defined according to EN ISO 10140-1:2021, EN ISO 10140-2:2021, and EN ISO 717-1:2021 standards, endorsing its use in public settings or areas designated for tranquility and people’s privacy, with an absorption capacity of 39 dB.

Depending on requirements, All Ways enables the integration of sliding, hinged, full-height hinged, and automatic doors with fixed glass panels. It can be customized in a wide selection of materials, including glass variants like smoked, frosted, reflective, mirrored, or with delicate decorative patterns, as well as wood veneers and RAL lacquers. Finally, the system can be enhanced with a handle grip from the catalog, with or without magnetic locking.

All Ways is the result of Albed’s sixty years of expertise in glass and aluminum processing and the design of door systems, evolving into architectural solutions with high technical characteristics and extensive customization possibilities.

Clinica de la Cuesta (Spain), a project by Ana De La Cuesta and Lautaro Longo – studio BVCR. Photo by Aitor Estevez.
Clinica de la Cuesta (Spain), a project by Ana De La Cuesta and Lautaro Longo – studio BVCR. Photo by Aitor Estevez.
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