Albed’s glass doors: a flexible solution for all kinds of projects

Albed 1

Classic, smoked, screen-printed, back-painted, cannulated, double and soundproof, framed in metal frames or even crossed with an elegant metal warp: in architecture, the possibilities offered by glass are almost endless and well suited to any context, be it a private home, a hotel room, a restaurant or an office.

Albed explores the expressive power of this material and its characteristics, applying them to a wide range of doors and partitioning systems, which can acoustically isolate a room, create an area of partial privacy or separate two spaces without reducing the natural light exchange.

Celine, a collection designed by Paolo Festa, reinterprets geometric decorations through a squared door panel that can be customized in the more than ninety finishes in the Albed catalog, which can be matched uniformly or contrasted. In this way, the collection can take on minimal and contemporary, or classic and more refined traits. Celine is available in hinged, sliding, concealed, coplanar to the wall or partition wall versions.

Quadra accommodates glass, also double, in a thin aluminum profile in six different finishes that can either perimeter the panel or draw a symmetrical grid of industrial inspiration. Its size, with recessed, wall, ceiling or floor sliding, is always custom designed and can extend for the entire height of the wall.

Entre-Deux is a portal designed by Alfonso Femia / AF*Design that takes its inspiration from the concept of the metal intrados of facades,and converts it into a solution for interiors. Available only in the hinged version, the system features a protruding frame, which sticks out on one or both sides of the wall and volumetrically redefines the spaces between which it is inserted.

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