Albed’s Celine, the door with endless combinations

celine cop

Albed’s Celine door, as a sliding, hinged, or pocket door or curtain wall, takes inspiration from a Mondrian painting and its combinations of geometric figures, in different sizes and orientations. The door, signed by the architect Paolo Festa and completely customizable in size, offers itself as a work of art: a valuable interior design project, made of metal profiles that define both the perimeter frame and the internal dividers, which create a juxtaposition of rectangular shapes more or less elongated and customizable each in a different way with the over 90 finishes available in Albed’s catalogue.

From transparent to canneté glass, enriched with a metal or textile texture, painted, smoked, or mirrored, the door panel thus becomes a surface that can be freely composed according to the style of the surrounding environment.

The jambs and frame, in 100% recyclable aluminum, can be chosen in five different finishes in addition to the natural one – black, bronze, champagne, gold, and titanium – and the product is completed by a range of over 10 handle grips and handles, with possible locks.

The glass of the door panel – with 180° opening in its hinged version, also coplanar with the wall – can finally be integrated with a special technology that allows its opacification on command for ultimate privacy.

Celine conceals the highest technology in accurate details and reduced thickness and offers a versatile aesthetic – now industrial, now of great elegance, contemporary or modern – for international architecture and interior design interventions.

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