20 years for the Saturn & Moon collection by Antrax IT

antrax cop

First design collection in the catalogue and first collaboration with an international designer: the Saturn & Moon series marked a double important debut for Antrax IT in 2004, becoming over the years one of the symbols of the company, selected in numerous projects and today in its twentieth anniversary. The collection was realized by the English designer Peter Rankin, who worked on a pure and essential aesthetic: the circular and compact shape of the radiators, with a diameter of 73 cm, is constructed starting from a metal casting, worked with a three-dimensional effect. The radiant surface has a soft curvature which increases the thermal efficiency and, concealing at the same time the connections, while the particular wall fixing system allows the radiator to be lifted to carry out any inspection. Metaphor of the celestial body from which it takes its name, Moon is the emblem of an abstract and elegant design; Saturn, the ‘twin’ radiator identical in size and function, adds to this minimal image a horizontal handle for storing towels, in memory of the ring system of the eponymous planet of the solar system. Customizable in one of the over 200 colours in the Antrax IT catalogue and in the special chrome and brushed gold finishes, Saturn & Moon are proposed with hydraulic or electric power supply.


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